Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

Hello, welcome to my new blog. My old one, www.knitalia.blogspot.com is now defunct. Hence, no link for you to follow. I wanted to go in a new direction because my crafting has gone in some new directions. In addition to knitting, I am also crocheting, and embroidering. I deleted the old blog because I wanted a brand new, fresh start for a brand new, fresh year. All my old photos can be found at my Flickr page. It's going to take awhile to get this blog the way I want it, so bear with me.
Here's what's been good:
Natalia has been crafting (and yes, my heart is swelling with pride):
She's working on a felt butterfly and flower softie kit we bought at Joann's.

I put some awesome decals and and a couple of equally awesome Black Apple prints up on the walls in the kids' room:
Owl decal

I also sewed a simple cushion for their room. The fabric is Japanese and from Superbuzzy. I single crocheted the border. Very cute.
Piggy pillow
I've been cross stitching (my first attempt) this portrait of Ariel, you know, the Little Mermaid...for Natalia:

I have a couple of other knitting and crochet projects on the needles but no pics right now.

We had a Christmas concert:
See how lady-like she's sitting there in the front row?

And a birthday:
We had Natalia's 5th at Chuck E. Cheese. The party actually had to be postponed due to snow, poor thing. We ended up having it the following Monday night. But, good times were had by all as you can see.

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