Thursday, January 7, 2010

Being the Mama I Want to Be

So, I'm talking to a graphic designer via Etsy (freaking love Etsy)about a new, customized layout for the blog. I'm very excited, and hope to have a complete blog makeover very soon. I still need to add some widgets and my Ravelry button and all that fun stuff. I did manage to add my blog list. I love all of the blogs on my list dearly. They are my inspiration in all things crafty and bloggy. Be sure to check them out if you haven't already. The list does not even include half of the blogs I frequent. This whole internet craft world is so amazing. It's literally changed my life. I have learned so much from it: craft techniques, the aesthetic I prefer to surround myself with, all things domestic (cleaning with natural ingredients, menu planning), even parenting styles.

Right now I'm really interested in Gentle Parenting. It seems such a natural and intuitive way to raise children. It includes breastfeeding (which I did), co-sleeping (both kids still in our bed, and I love it), wearing your baby in a sling/carrier type thing ( I loved this idea but it did not work out for us because both my kids were about 9 lbs at birth and I am about 5 ft 1, so it was really hard on my back & shoulders)avoiding corporal punishment or any harsh discipline, etc. There is so much to it and I am very much a newbie. I know it all sounds very hippie-granola, and kind of unrealistic. But, I think even changing a few things here and there will help me to be the mom I want to be. I'm still guilty of letting frustration lead to yelling (more often than I care to admit), my kids still eat frozen chicken nuggets, and I have to use stealth tactics to get vegetables in them. I didn't use cloth diapers, and I do not plan on homeshooling. And sometimes, I get overwhelmed. But, I am doing everything I can to make sure my kids are happy, healthy, secure, and aware that they are loved. Look at these two knuckleheads:
How could I not?

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