Monday, February 1, 2010

I got nothin...

Sorry, my little guy has pneumonia and I'm too tired. Here's this instead:
(Which I got from this great blog)

I always:
Bake from scratch
Listen to knitting & craft podcasts while cleaning
Call my mother every day
Think about exercising
Like nuts in my ice cream, cookies, or brownies
Drink way too much coffee

I sometimes:
Cry at sad / touching movies (almost always)
Wish for another baby
Lose my temper (working on this one)
Watch Yo Gabba Gabba with my kids
Read magazines and drink coffee at Borders
impulse buy

I never:

Buy DVD's
Win the lottery, EVER
Smoke cigarettes (anymore)
Thought Tom Cruise was hot
Care to try spinning, sorry I just don't

How about you?

And a pic of the little guy with temp of 102 waiting to see the doctor. Poor little guy.

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